The Firm


So how many of us really do suffer from DT? Is it a bona fide medical condition, or just a piece of nonsensical detritus trotted out by a disgruntled hack in order to stir up disaffection? Just for fun, we have compiled this quick quiz for any of you tired of poring over medical dictionaries in search of something that may be wrong with you. Just answer the following questions, write your answers on a piece of paper, and compare the results at the end.


Mostly "A's":
My goodness, how boring! You really haven't got into the Scene very far, have you? What you really need is a really good course of instruction - preferably while wearing a collar and lead! Contact Ishmael Skyes. PO Box 10937, London, N15 6PE.

Mostly "B's":
Well you're certainly a proper Mistress and that's a fact. Both feet are firmly on the ground-usually with someone licking them. Though you may be irresistible in role, you are not pathologically affected out of it. Every slave's dream in fact. Contact Ishmael Skyes, PO Box 10937, London, N15 6PE.

Mostly "C's":
I hope I don't meet you at a crowded bus stop-it would mean your chauffeur had died and you'd be in a foul frame of mind! This domination lark has got wholly under your skin and into your very subconscious. You must read Mistress van der Graf's book as soon as it published. For further details send £17.50 to Ishmael Skyes PO Box 10937, London, N15 6PE