Dominatrix Toxaemia 3

Firm Officer Quintessence relates this amusing story (he's a Male Dom, but a very nice one.)

At a party last weekend, it turned out that there was a party next door as well. Theirs was a house warming. Ours was… Well, I'll let you guess. It was suggested to those next door that given that ours was a 'fancy dress' party, they should not be fazed by the sight of people turning up in somewhat strange outfits.

One or two from our party wandered into theirs, and this seemed to cause no problems. Later three women from theirs wandered into ours saying ours seemed more interesting and had better music. They seemed as well dressed for ours as any of our originals (PVC cat suits, bras seeming to consist of six sequins etc). By late in the evening there was almost no-one left next door, they'd all come across to ours and many of them were partaking of WIITWD - some to a considerable extent. Their host, for example, was considerably and continuously reddened from the back of his shoulders to the back of his thighs.

One woman from their side seemed momentarily taken aback at the sight of what appeared to her as extreme activity, but recovered almost immediately, and was soon merrily wielding one or other of the range of implements to be found almost everywhere. As a newbie she did things that required the concepts of SSC to be explained to her, and did such things more than once. She did not take happily to these ideas, nor did she relish being limited to a suede flogger rather than heavy single tails or canes, and seemed to get angrier with each example of restraint.

At one stage she saw someone reclining on a bed and, rather peremptorily, told him to 'turn over!' He looked up, looked at her for a few moments, and quietly said 'no.' In a considerable rage she then snarled, and started thrashing the bed.

From newbie to Dominatrix Toxaemiac in half an hour.

Do you suffer from Dominatrix Toxaemia?