The Firm

Carry On Spanking! (18)

Friday 28 September 2001 9pm – late

The Fringe 330 Kennington Lane, Vauxhall

Please come to Carry On Spanking hosted by Matron Bossy Boots.

Huge bosoms, pert bottoms, and lots of innuendo. What could be more British?

Join the Firms Carry On Team for an SM evening of riotous proportions. Lots of spankings, people being tied up in the dungeon, and very high heels. Live incidental music, and sounds of the Sixties. And we have at least invited Barbara Windsor...

Tickets £15 from The Firm, PO Box 10937, London, N15 6PE (Cheques payable to Ishmael Skyes) Also from Paradiso, Old Compton Street, Soho

We charge less in advance, to encourage you to purchase early, and make it easier for us to make the event as good as we want it to be. The more people who buy early, the better the party is.

Wearing leather, rubber, PVC, the clothing of another gender, uniforms or whatever will get you through the door. If, however, you want to impress us, wear something inspired by the Carry On movies – be a nurse, be a gangster, be a cabby, a monster, a Roman, a teacher, a cad, a midshipman, or a soldier of the First Foot and Mouth. The especially successful may win a prize.