The Firm

No I couldn’t. Compared to the way it was 20 years ago, when I started out, The Scene is massive, and it has never been easier to come out and have fun. Just read it again - never been easier.

Honestly; meeting people that like the same things as you is not scary, certainly if all you’re doing is meeting them in a pub while wearing civvies: If you are not brave enough to do that you are too cowardly to have sex, even straight sex, period.

Scary, in fact is walking into a meeting of the United Church of the Kingdom of God and declaring yourself to be into SM. Those are the people that said Victoria Climbie was possessed by devils, which might be beaten out of her, so if you want to be scared of coming out, come out to them.

Very simply, if you want to meet lots of people who are into kinky sex, come on The Scene, if you don’t, stay at home, you won’t be missed.