Night of the Cane at Chats Palace 2008

- Review by Degenerate

Description: NOTC Front 2008

What did you do kes? You Won, that's what!!! Congratulations to you and Mr Jones.

Just got home. What a great event :-D

My top 3 favourite moments of the evening:

Ishmael's motivational speech. It bought tears to my eyes, and your reworking of Pastor Niemoller's piece was great 'First they came for the Spanner men...' I will never forget it. Ishmael you are fabulous and an inspiration. Thank you.

gal_rosa's lovely behind :-D

The caning competition. I loved it! Might have to enter the competition next time. And preferably bring Emily, too (lucy's schoolgirl character). I was really missing her last night.

Thank you so much to to the Firm and everyone who supported CAAN at NOTC - we collected lots of signatures and thanks for the donations - gal_rosa got proactive and you raised £150 for CAAN - WOW! Thank you for your support :-D

And thanks to Proccie, gal rosa, Thunder and Sinmara for helping with stall stuff.

It was ace to meet some people in the flesh finally I've been dying to meet like Mistress Switch, Lady Lucan and sirguy :-D and some other great people I knew already :-D

Thanks to gal rosa and Thunder for putting me up :-D and being sooo friendly helping me exercise my wrist :D

What a lovely weekend and a fantastic event. My very favourite thing celebrated, couldn't miss that :-D