The Firm

Who is Ishmael Skyes?

(For a start he’s not called Sykes; look at the spelling, you’d be surprised at the number of people who think it says Sykes, well it doesn’t)



I have been an SMer since I was nine.

Never had a purely vanilla relationship

I am 'Out' and have appeared on numerous TV programmes (including Eurotrash , Kilroy , UK Raw, Michael Cole Show , Carnal Knowledge)

Raped in abusive scene in 1984.

Heavy masochist.

Came on Scene in 1986 (aged 22), having actively sought it out when living in Stoke on Trent

Worked as manufacturer of SM kit 1987 - 99.

Co-founded The Firm (secret politico-criminal organisation, assiduously pursuing the interests of the gifted amateur) at end of 1988

Worked on Sex Maniacs' Ball 1988-94.
Key organiser in 1989 & 90.

Supplied SM kit direct to call girls between 1990 and 93.
Designed and built a number of dungeons including work for Torture Garden , Chain Gang , Whiplash and Severin's Kiss (and the one Frank Bough got caught in).

Written six novellas for Muir Academy and have supported the organisation since 1992 as a member of staff.

Key supporter of early Club Whiplash . Organiser on The Pleasurezone, employed by Whiplash Market 1995-97.

Promoted the Boat Party in 1994, have done so ever since.

The Boat 17

Produced the schoolroom in 1993 as part of The Spanner Ball .

Regular contributor to Fetish Times 1993-95

Wrote, directed, acted in & edited ' Skool's a Pain ' (Muir Academy video) 1994

Whip stall confiscated by police Oct 1994. Regained after suing police Oct 1996

Wrote Freewealin ' - The Hitch-Hiker's Guide to Kinky Sex - in 1995

Attended all Sexual Freedom Coalition marches and some demonstrations 1996-98

Promoted the Angela Quinn Benefit Party, Danse des Courtesans, Hell , The Web (1996), Renaissance (1998), Neverwhere (1999 – 2002), Strict (2003-)

Listed among the 20 Key Pervs in Skin Two issue 20

Turned down three nominations for Erotic Oscars.

Performer at Dungeon in the Sky (Daytime SM Pride feature) 1996 & 97

Keynote speaker on SM Pride launch 1998

Regular contributor to Countdown on Spanner .
Ex-officio member of the Politburo.

Organised (& led) the SM Pride march 1995-97.

Regular contributor to Desyre Foundation 1997-99

Organised SM Pride Ball 1997 & 99.

Elected honourary president of SM Pride 1999 (not deposed 2000)

Other information, not necessarily germane

Ish, too

Ishmael is not at all sure that he has grown up yet. He has, for instance, an enduring faith in Father Christmas (but not Santa Claus) and an ingrained dislike of Marks and Spencers.

BA (hons) degree in Drama (which is worth slightly less than the paper on which it is duplicated). Hobbies include collecting Dr Who videos and historical re-enactment, which would be a sorry state of affairs if they didn't afford so much innocent amusement. He seriously considers Zaphod Beeblebrox to be a worthwhile role model.

Weirdest place he's worn the gear: A Gerard Street restaurant after Der Putsch, with two waiters investigating his codpiece while he tried to eat pork and duck. He comes from a long line of eccentrics; his father was as mad as a March Hare and didn't care who knew it and his Great Aunt Lizzy 'Got out and fell in the harbour'; unfortunately everyone who knew the full story is dead.

His earliest memory is going to the Isle of Man, aged 3, his favourite place is the bows of a Thames riverboat at night in early July (approaching Tower Bridge), his favourite foods are Simply Sausages sausages and Stilton and haggis.

Ishmael deeply dislikes Margaret Thatcher even after all this time, and people who use The Scene to get their rocks off while smugly refusing to help improve it make him angry (though he does not believe Thatcher to be among them, it is always possible that she is).

He has not been sectioned under the mental health act.

And he's a Leo (but you’d guessed that).