The Firm

To Spanking Fans:

(Especially those who vote Conservative.)

Please consider your own position extremely carefully before you vote in the next General Election.

Please: I don’t just mean your usual fulmination - complete with blinkers supplied free with The Mail On Sunday. This does mean you, not just everybody less rich, less racially pure, less right wing, or whatever other criteria you think will save you.

I know that many spankers excuse themselves by saying ‘Oh we’re not into SM. What we do isn’t sado-masochistic, it’s just a bit of harmless fun.’

OK, here’s some fun. The Conservative leadership elections showed clear links between Iain Duncan Smith and extreme right wing groups like the British National Party and National Front. If you are a Tory, you may already have a certain amount in common with these groups; perhaps you dislike black people or Jews, or despise the homeless.

However, the BNP and NF see you, as a spanker, as just another SMer, and you are. The problem is that they count SMers as degenerates, along with gays, lesbians, and indeed paedophiles: All perverts together.

When tomorrow belongs to them, we are all to be ‘dealt with’, along with the aforementioned blacks, Jews and homeless, and the disabled, and the terminally ill.

If the extreme right get power, they will find you pleading with teacher ‘Spare me the cane’ and soon you will be pleading with some big booted thug to spare you the truncheon, the electric shock, or the gas chamber.

When the Conservative Party starts to get into these very nasty political reaches, it is time to stop thinking of them as good at bottom – strict but fair – and to decide what kind of country we really want to live in.