The Firm's Wish List

To Spanking Fans:

Let’s face it, this phenomenon is turning up on more and more pro-dom sites, so it must work at some level. We just want to extend the opportunities for people to contribute to the greater good.

FIRST OFF: The Firm is rich in the quality of its members, but financially, it's flat broke. We know we’re supposed to be a non-profit-making, cuddly, bunch of liberals, but that really is the point: it would be wrong of us to exclude anyone wishing to give us large brown envelopes bulging with bank notes. Investors are welcome - but will be ruthlessly skinned for the amusement of the company (so they'd better be into that sort of thing).

More TV maids. We love TV maids because they beaver away enthusiastically in jobs that real waitresses can’t wait to get out of.

A bigger computer. Anyone with a massive state of the art thinking machine to chuck away could do worse than chuck it in this direction.

Big historical buildings. No, we’re serious, we could have such fun in a modest-sized castle or a large manor house. Just picture it.

Musicians. Jazz, classical, and early are seldom shown the door.

London venues. We are always interested in London venues. One in which we could serve Burns Night Supper to 100 people remains a key area of interest.

Boxers. Girls and Boys who can box (for fun) are cordially invited to come and join in.

Would you like to read a letter from one of our benefactors?